Tip 1: Why do you want to workout? What are your goals? Men, do you want to impress the ladies? Feel healthy for your loved ones? Maybe you desire a lean body? Perhaps you desire to live a healthy long life? You must have a WHY!

Tip 2: I have photos that create happiness around me. Photos of my younger years growing up with my brothers, my mom and dad. I see these photos daily they inspire me and make me happy. It creates a purpose and a desire to be more. Do you have photos that inspire you, that make you happy? Place them around your home, work environment, on your phone or computer.

Tip 3: Write down your fitness goals. Set a 1 month, 3 month and 6 month goal. Your fitness goals needs to inspire you, motivate you. Working out and reaching fitness goals provides a sense of accomplishment. It builds character and provides inspiration, you release that happy hormone called serotonin. Exercise is invaluable for your mental health. We cannot put a dollar amount on the beauty of exercise. Success is achieved one little victory at a time.

Have a deadline have a goal in place. We start hiking in March in the mountains. One of my biggest goals over winter is heavy strength training. Heavy strength training prepares me for mountain climbing.

You learn something new about you when you move. It’s an inward journey that no one can do for you. There is a place within you that possibly hasn’t been discovered, it’s sitting idle, it’s waiting to be awakened!

You say, “I don’t have time, I’m to busy, I don’t like to workout,” your missing the boat! Please jump in the water it’s satisfying and refreshing. Make time for YOU!!

Let’s get our hands out of our pockets, drop the cupcake, get your eyes off the donut, there is something really, really big out there waiting for you and it’s HEALTH!

I would love to invite you to Healing Luv’s social media channels, it’s an uplifting community that cares.

You’re one workout from feeling better, just do it!

Happy New Year!

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