I lick my plate almost every time I eat and I often jokingly welcome my clients into the “Lick Your Plate Club”.
Why, you ask…?
Because food prepared with a high energy level tastes GREAT! A high energy level creates feelings of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. You love the people you’re preparing it for, you use patience during the sometimes tedious prep work, you use self-control when you portion things out and serve them.

Boxed and over processed foods are packed with unhealthy fat, sugar and preservatives. When you eat food like this you take in low energy which creates sadness, regret, frustration, weight gain, and anger. In a low energy state, you might say negative things to yourself such as: Why did I do that? I’ll never lose weight! Here I go again. Why even try?

Feeling deserving of great health is a practice. Let me repeat, it’s a practice! Most people make poor food choices in a state of unworthiness. You don’t want to lick your plate, you probably want to throw it.

When you cook with high energy it’s a reflection of you, how you’re caring for yourself, and how you feel about yourself. In a high energy state, you won’t want to throw the plate, you will want to lick it!

Ladies, this weight loss thing has everything to do with you realizing you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Not fat and wounded.

I felt fat and wounded at one time and always wanted to throw my plate.

Are you ready to practice and build on your healthy lifestyle?

We sculpt as we go. The transformation will be worth it!

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