A hiking I will go, a hiking I will go, hi, ho the dairy oh, a hiking I will go!

Yes, my husband and I have been hiking for 3 years now. We are empty nesters both entrepreneurs and have decided to live life while in our 50’s and not wait until the ripe age of 65. Yes, we have retired our recliners!

Since we have been hiking and traveling in nature for years now my eyes have been open to God’s glorious masterpiece of this earth. There has been an inward healing within me that I will never be able to explain. This takes me to why I’m writing these words.

I’ve always loved the Old Testament especially the book of Genesis. In the first chapter, it’s all about creation. The beauty and how God’s word shares day by day the processes of how everything was created, it’s awe-inspiring.

Why did God start with creation first? I don’t know but what I do know are we too busy of a people, to stop and enjoy it?

Our Father the Master Creator set everything in perfect harmony. He has given us a sun to warm our bodies, a moon and stars that light the world at night, He has given us seed-bearing fruits and vegetables to grow and nourish our bodies, animals that live in the sea and that roam the land.

I think it might be time to stop and look around, even if it is for only a few moments. He created it for us to enjoy but, are you enjoying it or are you too busy?

Our last hike was 14 miles on Saturday we spent the day talking about family, friends, God, creation, love, romance, death and so much more.
Gosh, who needs a marriage counselor when you’re in the woods with someone you almost have to talk.

The point is; our Heavenly Father did something truly amazing for us, lets never take for granted the beauty that is all around us.

For even more encouragement on this topic, I hope you will enjoy the Wednesday Morning Wake Up Message “Living Landscapes of God’s Artistry.” Where I share the eye-opening scripture that starts with….
’in the beginning!

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