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For pastors, ministers, and retreat coordinators … help your church conquer self-destructive habits, a toxic mindset, and lead them into the total freedom that Christ paid for.

Laurie Runyan with Healing Luv Health and Fitness will show you in a captive way how to stop eating the dead fruit on the ground. The dead fruit represents shame, guilt, anger, frustration and weight gain. Often believer’s spend too much time under the tree stuck in self-sabotage, fear and unworthiness. It’s time to reach high and eat the fruit that gives health, life and freedom – it’s the Fruit of the Spirit! Let’s embrace God’s gift of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. (Gal. 5: 22-23)

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About The Seminar

Dear Friend,

If you’re responsible for shepherding a church body of any kind, then this live seminar event will change the way your congregation is walking out their Christian lives forever.

Is this live seminar for you and your church, retreat, or ministry?

Answer these questions to find out:

• Do your church members struggle with beliefs about their self-worth and identity?
• Do they struggle with FEAR in their relationships… in their waist size… in their finances?
• Do you want to help them overcome negative habits and create lasting PEACE and JOY in your church’s families that will last for generations?
• Would you describe your average church goer as a believer who is simply exhausted at this point in their life?
• Do they struggle with shedding those extra, unwanted pounds off for good?
• Do they have balance in their lives? Are they able to manage their emotions without plunging back into bad habits that are sabotaging their body and their family?
• Are you able to attract quality people into your church who provide wisdom, guidance, encouragement and support?

Do you want to help your Church body?

• Learn EXACTLY what causes them to have healthy, Biblical self-esteem
• Learn how to increase the breakthroughs they are already having
• Learn what leads to self-destruction and how to stay clear of it
• Learn how to prevent the pitfalls of progress and eliminate the risk of losing what you’ve worked so hard for in your church
• Learn how to feel the fullness of the Father’s deep love for them


Who is Laurie Runyan?

Laurie is someone who truly cares. I absolutely loved her seminar, she did such a good job articulating just how much we try to take on everyday problems when we should just give it to God – I’m going through a divorce, I’ve got a son with special needs, and am stuck in a job I’m not happy with. I needed these positive, encouraging words. The biggest benefit was learning how to accept God’s love, because we carry guilt and shame for past mistakes we’ve made. She hit it home that God loves us and doesn’t want us to carry that weight – we need to just let it go. His Son already died and paid the price for all of that. Accepting God’s love and knowing we are loved and beautiful in His eyes no matter what – I really needed to hear that. It’s helped me feel loved, and give more love to those around me in the past few weeks.

I’ve been on every diet known to man. I lost 18 pounds and feel great. Laurie addresses the whole person. I’m no longer a prisoner to food!

Laurie Runyan’s “Pick The Apple”  session painted a powerful picture to me of how we as women can allow ourselves to reach up for God’s exceptional and splendid gifts or fall for the rotten fruit that’s laying on the dirty ground. She illuminates you with Scriptural passages and timely examples about why these two choices can either make or break your outcomes for revival and spiritual growth. Take Laurie’s hand as she leads the way to new revelations of truth, as she releases all the fantastic gifts of Holy Spirit Living, and personalizes the journey to filling your basket to overflowing!

All I know is that I have been coaching with Laurie and I have experienced, a renewed sense of life, of who I am, what I am doing here and the pounds are dropping off! I want to go out and do things again, my rollercoaster life seems more focused now.

Laurie Runyan is a nationally sought-after speaker and Christian life and health coach, as well as an online talk show host on her show, “The Wednesday Morning Wake Up Message” — who has helped HUNDREDS of her clients to succeed in ways they never imagined.

Although she once was an “exhausted believer,” 50 pounds overweight, stressed to her eyeballs, and sinking into the quick sands of depression, Laurie overcame these challenges and blazed a path to true spiritual and physical health and freedom that anyone can follow.

Laurie Runyan’s live talk, “Pick the Apple” is your opportunity to shatter the obstacles that are holding back your Church from living in true freedom, and put these proven Biblical strategies to work for your members’ relationships and health, especially when it comes to identifying and crushing self-destructive and sinful patterns


What do these people know that the rest of us don’t?

My energy level became extremely low and I wasn’t able to fit into my clothes. I could either buy bigger clothes or get into shape. I knew that I could not keep living this way! Healing Luv helped me focus on what I needed and what would work best for me. Again, I cannot give Healing Luv enough praise for the transformation that it has made in my life. Now I am more positive, feel great, and just mentally feel so much better from the coaching.

Laurie at Healing Luv is a dynamo! She has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and exercise. Laurie is a great encourager and motivator of women. She also has a great compassion and love for women and their health. Laurie has spoken about nutrition and exercise to my mothers’ parent support group, here at St. Elizabeth/Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services, several times in the last couple of years. Everyone loves Laurie here and they always ask if she can come back again!

What do the most joyful believers throughout history have in common?

• Why do things seem to go so right for them when so many others constantly struggle?

• Are these Christians smarter, more talented, chosen, born to be extra special…? NO WAY! They are everyday average people who discovered the spiritual keys to success in their relationships, faith, fear, and more.

• Are you ready to put these proven Biblical truths to work for you and your Church?

• Never before have these principles been available in one complete, live talk.

• Without these principles in play, your congregation’s road to complete love, fullness, and joy in Christ will be bumpy and full of uncertainty. Hosting this seminar is a must if you are serious about consistent and long-lasting fruit in the lives of your church members.

• The passion from which Laurie delivers this powerful message will motivate your church body to take immediate action towards their fulfilling their God given potential. You can spend years and a lot of money seeking out the nuggets of wisdom and guidance that are all contained in this one program. There are over 30 scriptures referenced in this live seminar that offer a very balanced perspective on ancient truths concerning these topics and more…


During this revealing live talk, your group will learn:

My top three goals upon starting the Healing Luv’s 3-month program were stop overeating, beat my Starbuck’s addiction and to overall feel healthy again. Laurie was able to help me work toward these goals by getting into my head and guiding me to listen to my body. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been the weight loss as a bonus but the freedom from foods that were creating low energy and fighting the mind games is the WIN. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been losing 15 lbs, closer relationship with God and a better understand of what my body likes. I would describe Laurie as a great listener and Christian Life and Health coach. She has such passion around people, how we look at ourselves and what we put in our body. Laurie can get to the root of the problem fast!

I’m moving forward, and seeing God’s streaming light again! No shame, no guilt, just Rejuvenation! Wow, Gifts from the Lord Himself that teem with you! This is what I have found in Healing Luv. Laurie’s coaching can take you there! She prayerfully offers and leads each individual to their broken places and maps out the wealth of life-giving food choices and boundaries that bless! I have found her Wednesday Morning Wake Up Message to be indispensable inspiration for hearing my way toward wellness and all-over weight loss, Healing Luv has been a wonderful gateway to new vibrance for me! I have lost my unwanted weight and feel AMAZING!


Laurie’s LIVE seminar, “Pick the Apple” will show your church body exactly how to apply the spiritual principles that have guided Laurie through all her successes and failures in life.

Those who were fortunate enough to have attended these live sessions have been pleading with us to make them available for their friends, families, and church families because of the tremendous impact this has had on their lives and those around them.

If your church group is one of the many that struggle with fear and self-destructive habits, and you want to see more love, wholeness, and faith in your member’s lives and in their families’ lives, and if you are deadly serious about “grounding” your flock on a lasting spiritual foundation, then you MUST have them hear this talk!

All of us desire to have more love in our lives whether it be when we look in the mirror, in our relationships, career, finance, family, school… you name it.

Why is it then that only some people can break through and achieve the Biblical, love-filled lifestyle that we’re commanded to live while others continuously hit obstacles and don’t feel truly loved by our Heavenly Father?


If you have any questions or prefer to register by phone, please call.

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If you and your Church are serious about having a tangible and powerful transformation in your spiritual, emotional, and physical lives, then your next step is to get in touch with Laurie to discuss the possible details of booking “Pick the Apple” for your congregation.

Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming response from her Christian Life & Health Coaching clients, Laurie’s time is very limited! Her live speaking services are performed on a first-come, first-serve basis only.

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