Do you remember the old fashioned game called tug of war? Back in my day, when we played tug-of-war, we would always look for the biggest kids to be on our team. Of course, having more kids and more resistance created a massive tug-of-war game. I remember pulling and tugging as each team ground their heels deeply into the earth, hands tight on the rope and starting to burn, grinding our teeth as we pulled with every bit of our might!

The back and forth nature of tug-of-war makes me think about many peoples weight loss journey. They are trying to lose weight. Seeking the perfect diet and constantly thinking about food. Their bodies become stressed because of their overwhelming thoughts, rationalizations, and justifications around losing weight. They grind their teeth, feel consumed by stubborn thoughts and sink their heels deeper and deeper into the earth. Is that really serving them?

I know this story well. I played tug-of-war for years when it comes to my weight loss journey and it was exhausting! Yes, there is another way to lose weight, have fun, feel great and finally let go of the rope!

God did not create us as hard, sharp and pressing people…so why do we create so much stress around losing weight?
Americans have been brought up to think that life and losing weight has to be HARD work. We believe that success only comes at the end of a long and difficult road.

America is one of the most stressed, depressed and overweight countries in the world. We need to break this thought pattern and stop playing the tug-of-war game that is exhausting us.

Seeking goals and accomplishments is very important and I’m a big believer in goals. My old way of reaching my goal was playing tug-of-war with myself and thinking that it has to be hard all the time. Inwardly I wasn’t happy. I was hard, sharp and pressing, which also closed down my creativity.

I want you to think about a goal or destination and I would like for you to think about not playing tug-war for just a few moments. I want you to see your goal or your destination in front of you.
Now, it’s time to get excited…loosen the grip on the rope. See yourself moving towards the goal. You are powerful, strong, and taking steps that are going to bring great success. You experience feelings of expansion and your creativity is flowing.

When I mentor, train or coach an individual or offer inspirational talks and workshops, MY goal is to get you excited about being you while you’re on the journey. That is the key to success!!

Where are you playing tug-of-war in your life and health?

Feel yourself loosing the grip on the rope today and watch how God will work because you are now giving him room!

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