Indianapolis, IN
My name is Donna, I'm 57 years old, diabetic, and over weight. Whe n I first came to Laurie I was at my last straw. My weight was at themax that I would allow. When did I decide that 215 was acceptable? My sugar readings were in the 200's. I had lost control of my eating and my energy was non existent. While working with Laurie I've lost over 20 pounds I have so much energy that I have started wearing my Fitbit again. I look for fun activities to do where I can be active. I'm down to 185, have stopped taking all medication and choose to eat clean. It hasn't been all about food, I've dealt with some emotional bags I've been lugging around. Learning to let go and live the life God wants me to live has made a big difference. All I had to do was let go.

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