You are a MIRACLE! Is it just remotely possible that you have forgotten that? I love teaching women the beauty of being a miracle in Christ because I know what it feels like to be an exhausted, tired believer. And I know what it feels like to forget what being a miracle is. I want to take you back just a little bit to an old testimony of mine that I would like to share with you because the Lord spoke some very powerful words over me one day as I was crying out to Him. These words literally changed my life. God spoke this over me when I was in my late thirties. I’m going to set it up for you.

I’m in my thirties. I am fifty pounds overweight, and I am stressed, depressed, and exhausted. I was outside raking leaves. I was in size eighteen pair of pants. For me, that was rather large. That’s not my norm. And I’m crying out to the Lord. I’m out there raking leaves, and I’m bawling and boohooing because I had lost my zest for life and for my husband. I had lost my desire to be who God wanted me to be. And as I was out there bawling my eyes out, I was having a conversation with God, which was quite typical. As I was having this conversation, it was a little heated. I was crying out to Him, “Lord, when did I fall out of love with my husband? When did I gain fifty pounds? When did I lose my zest and love for life?

He said to me, loud and clear, “Laurie, love yourself fifty pounds overweight. Now that made me very angry. And I said to the Lord, “Lord, what? Love myself fifty pounds overweight?” And He said yes. And He said, “Laurie, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” And I said to Him, “Lord, do You see what I see in the mirror?”

He said, “Yes, I created you.” And then I said to Him, “Lord, I have loved You with my heart, my mind, and my soul,” And He said, “Yes you have, Laurie. But you are giving, and giving, and giving, and you are not receiving My love for you.”

I want you to hear this conversation, because I’ve shared this testimony a lot. And I just personally had an a-ha here just as I was writing this. Do you hear that the Lord kept coming back to me with encouraging, uplifting words? He didn’t sit back and say:

Well, you know, Laurie, you’re right, you’ve really screwed things up, and you treat your husband like junk. Do you really expect him to care for you? Look at the way you’re talking and treating him. And Laurie, you’re eating all the wrong foods. For goodness sake, have you looked in your pantry? You’ve got every Little Debbie known to man in there. How can you ever be an ideal weight? Well of course you’re unhappy, Laurie. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re calling yourself names; you’re calling yourself stupid, fat, unworthy, and ugly.

God spoke love over me not words of discouragement. The words that He spoke over me were filled with grace and love and mercy and joy. And guess what? This is the best part. He said I wasn’t allowing that love to come into my heart, I said, “Okay, Lord, I’ll receive this love that You’re talking about.” And there was a peace that fell over me that surpassed my understanding. His love reeled me in hook, line, and sinker.

And I stood there, a warmth fell over me as if somebody had poured a warm cup of water over me. I said to Him, “Okay, Lord, I’ll receive that love. I will receive that, Lord, as a gift from You.” I walked through my backdoor, and from that day, it was a new day. Was it easy? No, no. But I now knew how to love myself as Christ loved me. And I had to start walking into my life and my weight-loss journey with the love of Christ. Because He was right. I was giving and giving and giving, but I was giving from an empty vessel. I wasn’t a miracle in my eyes. I was exhausted, stressed, and depressed. How could I possibly give to my husband and my children and others around me when I was empty?

There are a lot of believers out there that are experiencing this. We’re in church on Sunday morning singing the hymn “I Surrender All,” but are we truly surrendering? This is the beauty of this message: It is to finally surrender what you’ve held onto for so long.

You are a miracle, and God showed me at that moment on that very special day that I, too, was a miracle, and it was time for me to believe that. I want you to think about this. Maybe you experienced holding your child, or maybe you held someone’s child, and you looked at that little face and those fingers and said, “Wow, what a miracle.” And then for some reason we forget that that little baby continues to be a miracle throughout life.

We put labels all over us, labels of hate, guilt, shame, unworthiness, and unhappiness. Then we start to live that. We start to overeat, and we start to rationalize why we’re overeating. And in trying to justify it, we might sound like this: “Well, you know work is really hard right now. Well you know, my husband, he’s not really treating me right. My kids, you know, they’re really going off the deep end. My mother-in-law, she drives me nuts. My father-in-law, he drives me nuts. My mom and dad raised me to eat poorly.” We each have a story.

BELIEVING you’re a miracle has everything to do with your weight loss. I coach for a living. It’s what I love; it’s what I adore. And God knows I love and I adore it, so He is filling me up with knowledge and understanding of His great healing. And there’s great healing that the Heavenly Father wants for you. But so many of us are serving other gods. We’re not actually aligning ourselves to Christ. Let me explain this.

When we serve other gods, so many believers are attached to people pleasing. Why? Because it makes you feel good! I know this story well! I would do and do and do but I was experiencing a feeling of being a doormat, being used or resentful and THEN eating through it. Our goal is experiencing the gift of a Peace Maker in Christ. What is the difference? A Peace Maker is biblical. I’m now a Peace Maker in Christ because I give and give and give with a full vessel. You love to do for others when you’re FULL OF THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT! You’re like the Energizer Bunny; you never stop. But when you do finally slow down and feel great about what you have accomplished, you WANT to nourish your body rather than overeat. You smile and say, “God, thank you for the energy, love, and joy that I’m experiencing!” ONCE AGAIN, we can’t give away what we don’t have.

Are you ready to believe today you are a MIRACLE?

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